Grand National 2019 – The Top Trainers

For an outsider, horse racing might just be about the horses, but any enthusiast will know that it’s a team effort that takes the winning horse past the finish line. From the trainer to the jockey and finally the horse, it takes hours of practice and training to get ready for the biggest race of the year.

The Grand National is upon us, and the excitement is starting to build. Everyone has their eyes on the horses, analysing their past victories, looking at their overall performances, mainly checking out the statistics as well as the odds, eager to make that perfect winning bet. The three-day competition will commence on April 4th 2019 with many races held before the main event on April 6th 2019.

While a professional punter might already be aware of this, it might serve well for a beginner to know that in horse racing, many different bets are available for each race. When looking to place some Grand National free bets, it is advisable to spread out the wagers to increase the chances of winning big.

There is the obvious winning horse that one can bet on, but some of the other options include the champion trainer, whether a female jockey will win the race, how many horses will ultimately complete the race and even on the age of the winner. With so many offers such as joining bonuses and free bets being served by the bookmakers on a silver plate to punters, it helps to look at all the various possibilities on the table.

Gordon Elliott

One of the bets that a punter can make is if an Irish trainer will have the winning horse. It would be fair to say that Gordon Elliott has achieved a somewhat legendary status in his career already and that is why his horses, there are two of them taking part in the Grand National, that require close attention.

Tiger Roll, listed at 20/1 odds, is last year’s winner and one of the top contenders this time. It’s been quite long since Red Rum won two back-to-back Grand Nationals and while the pressure will be high, Tiger Roll is quite capable of this feat.

George Elliot will also have General Principle in the race. And while his odds to win are at 25/1 presently, the chances for George Elliott to be a winning trainer just got doubled, which is always a good thing if you’ve got money on him.

W. P. Mullins

Willie Mullins shares a lot in common with Gordon Elliott. His horse Pleasant Company, listed at 20/1 to win the Grand National 2019, was the runner up last year but gave Tiger Roll a thrilling competition resulting in a photo finish. However, Mullins, like Elliott, is also Irish and has another horse ‘Bellshill’ that will take part in the race. Bellshill is at 20/1 and 25/1 odds depending on which bookmaker you choose.

Once again, punters will be happy to note that the chances of an Irish trainer winning the Grand National increased significantly because of this, and that is why this is one bet that you should play for sure.

Sue Smith

Not to forget some of the other horses that have been performing well and have stayed under the radar of most pundits, Vintage Clouds, trained by Sue Smith, is worth a look. Listed at 20/1 odds, Vintage Clouds is a favourite with the bookmakers even though it hasn’t won anything huge till now. Watching the odds can often give an idea of what the experts think of a horse, and in this case, all the signs point towards a possible winner.