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The Highest Earning Horses in Racing?

Despite the fact that this is a website largely dedicated to statistics about the Grand National, there are times when we turn our attention away from National Hunt racing. When we talk about the highest earning horses in racing, they will always come from Flat racing. That is because the prize pots are significantly bigger. […]

9 Horses and Humans Who Made History Together

Horses have played an important role in history and are often associated with legendary figures. For this blog post, I compiled 9 famous historical figures and the horses they rode into glory on. Did you know that George Washington’s horse was named Nelson? The warhorse had a white star on his forehead, and he helped […]

2021 Grand National Stats

It was another Grand National spectacular at Aintree on Saturday. Despite less than ideal circumstances and no racing fans in the stands, the organisers at Aintree and ITV put on quite a show for the viewing public. But how did the race pan out and what were the stats that made it so interesting? First […]

Grand National Weights: 5 Horses to Follow After Handicapper’s Decision

Grand National weight’s day has almost become an event in itself. There usually aren’t too many surprises, but there is almost always a bit of theatre before and after the weights are announced. Much of that is down to the grumbling of owners and trainers, all of whom would like the handicapper to be more […]

What Are The Most Popular Races To Bet On?

In the UK, betting on sport is incredibly popular. We love a flutter and are happy to back our favourite teams, sports stars, and horses whenever we can. Unsurprisingly, football is the biggest sport that we bet on. It helps that it is played for most of the year and with so many games across […]

What Does Official Rating Mean In Horse Racing?

Horse racing is quite a complicated sport. For most of us we can just sit back and enjoy the racing. But for those behind the scenes, it involves a lot more work. And I don’t mean just the training. I’ve been to various yards over the years and the logistics and scheduling of races for […]

How Much Do Race Horse Owners Make?

It’s easy to assume that if you own horses, especially great horses, that you must be making a small fortune when they win. The reality, however, is a lot different. Sure, there are super owners like JP McManus, Trevor Hemmings, Rich Ricci, and Michael O’Leary with Gigginstown, but they put far more into the sport […]

The Lasting Charm of Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing has long been a popular pastime for UK punters at online casinos and online bookmakers. Every weekend, racecourses are packed with thousands of visitors waiting with bated breath to see which horse will pip the post and earn them some cash. Horse racing really is a timeless tradition that has been […]

How Much Do Jockey’s Win In The Grand National?

It’s the question we all want to know the answer to. How do much does a jockey get for winning the Grand National? Before we get to the answer we have to take a look at how the prize money is divided up. With one of the biggest prize funds on offer for any race […]

When Is The Grand National 2021?

Following the disappointment of seeing the 2020 National canceled, it’s time to put that all behind us and look forward to the Grand National 2021. Thankfully the Jockey Club has put some dates in the calendar and all being well, we should get to see our favourite chasers taking to the famous starting tape as […]